Pst Reader Software for Microsoft Windows Outlook .PST Files.

Microsoft Outlook .PST files are everywhere, it seems. Although email is migrating quickly to the web, decades of legacy email use has resulted in our emails being stored in Outlook .pst files spanning many years. If you’re like me, you don’t want to lose the valuable personal history that is locked in the thousands of emails that .pst files contain.

The .pst files themselves are in different formats as Outlook has evolved, from the old Outlook 2000 ANSI .pst files I obtained from my first real job, to the more recent Outlook 2013 Unicode formatted .pst files.

A simple and affordable alternative to Microsoft Outlook for reading .pst files is Pst Reader Pro.   Everything needed to read, search and convert old Outlook .pst files is included in one Windows software package. With a pst reader app, Outlook is not required on your computer to open .ost or .pst files.

A powerful capability in Pst Reader Pro is it’s search functionality.  You’ll be able to find the important messages you need from the tens of thousands of messages contained in your .pst files, when you need access to them. An advanced .pst search function.

The PST Reader Pro user interface is intuitive and easy to get started with right away. First select the .pst file you want to read. The messages will load into a mail list that you can sort by date, subject, sender or email recipient.  A quick search features lets you type a single word or phrase, and causes the reader to search across all messages in the list for emails that match that phrase.

Image shows the main UI of Pst Reader Pro software for Microsoft Windows
Open Outlook .pst files with Pst Reader software.

File attachments and embedded images within the emails can be extracted and saved to your Windows desktop or a folder that you specify. A special export profile is built into Pst Reader that will automatically extract file attachments in bulk to any folder you specify. This is a very useful tool for extracting images or documents, in a single operation, from the pst file to a place where the Windows OS can index them and make them available to other applications, such as Microsoft Office.

Pst Reader Pro can be used free for 15 days with no obligation. No adware installs on your computer, and the software will completely uninstall itself if you choose to remove it. The installer package is a signed file, with the publisher having been verified by a trusted third party.  The next time you need to read a .pst file, download Pst Reader Pro!