Pst Viewer Pro reader for Microsoft Outlook .pst files

Open .PST files with PST Viewer Pro

Pst Viewer Pro is a Windows software application that lets you open .pst and .ost files that created by Microsoft Office Outlook.  Pst Viewer pro can also open .msg, .eml, and .mht files.

Pst Viewer Pro reader for Microsoft Outlook .pst files
Pst Viewer Pro is a .pst viewer/reader for Microsoft Outlook .pst files

The the Pst Viewer menu provides quick access to use useful features, including .pst file selection, Reply, Reply all, and Forward email messages, print, export, advanced search and a quick search function.

Pst Viewer Pro main menu

How to open a .PST file

To open a .pst file with Pst Viewer Pro, use the folder navigation to find the folder location of your Outlook .pst file. Click on the pst file you want to open. Pst Viewer Pro will immediately parse the folder structure of the .pst file. You can read all emails in the .pst by clicking on the top folder. If it is more efficient to read a specific .pst folder (such as Inbox Box or Deleted Items), just click on that specific folder and all others will be ignored.


The emails in the selected folder will be displayed quickly in the Mail List.  Click on any email to have it rendered in Pst Viewer Pro’s viewing box.  To open it in full screen mode, double click on the message.


PST Viewer Pro Features

PstViewer Pro has many capabilities that go beyond viewing of  Outlook .pst files.

  • Open, view and search Outlook.pst, .msg, .eml, .mht, .mhtml, winmail.dat, and .ost files
  • Does not require the presence of Outlook
  • Search messages based on simple or advanced criteria
  • Open all Outlook .pst files (ANSI and  Unicode)
  • Save email file attachments to your drive, open them from inside an email, or extract them to disk in bulk.
  • No indexing required to search a .pst file
  • Print messages (one, or bulk printing)
  • Export emails to PDF with options to embed, convert or extract file attachments
  • Supports 30+ PDF page formatting options (Letter, Note, Legal, A0-10, B0-10, European page sizes, and more) and portrait/landscape
  • Export emails to .mht, mhtml, html, gif, tif, jpg, png, text, csv (Excel), and Outlook .msg
  • Export 1 email, or thousands of emails
  • Reply, Forward, or Reply All to emails using your default email client
  • Favorites list to store frequently used locations or .pst files
  • Optional “Text view only” mode
  • Full screen view of email
  • View internet header
  • View MAPI properties
  • Adjustable user interface
  • Administrator features include silent deployment, run from command line, .msi file, command line activation, and ability to remove specific functions from the PST Viewer Pro menu.
  • Uninstalling Pst Viewer Pro will reset the license so it may be installed on another computer
  • Unlimited site licenses are available
  • Customization of PST Viewer Pro is available, based on our ability to schedule resources.