Open Old Outlook .PST Files with PST Viewer Pro

Outlook has been the mainstay for email users for more than a decade. With the rise of Android and iPad tablets, and soon Windows 8 tablets,  many people are struggling to maintain access to their old email messages in the face of these platform changes.  While many people now get their email online, how can they retain access to the many Outlook .pst and .ost files that they have accumulated over the years, even if they no longer use Outlook on their PC as their primary email device?

Pst Viewer Pro is a multi-purpose email viewer software app for Windows.  With Pst Viewer, you can perform important operations on Outlook .pst files, even if Outlook is not present on your computer.


How to open old Outlook PST files and access the email
How can I open old Outlook PST files and access the email inside, without Outlook?

Pst Viewer Pro will render and display your email messages in their original format, whether its text, Microsoft rich text, or standard HTML.  You’ll be able to accurately see what the origianal email message looked like. Print the email, or exported it to another format if you wish.

Accessing Outlook email attachments is easy with Pst Viewer Pro. You can extract the attachments and save them to your hard drive.  Click on the attachments and they will open directly in their native application.  Pst Viewer Pro also has the ability to bulk extract file attachments from Outlook email. For example, if you have 1,000 emails and you want save all of their attachments to a folder where they can be easily accessed and indexed by Windows, Pst Viewer Pro can do this for you.

Many people these days are choosing to “future proof” access to their emails by exporting them to PDF format. PDF is everywhere and its an open format, so it is likely to be accessible for many years to come.  Pst Viewer Pro will convert all of your selected email messages into PDF format. It provides you with important options for handling file attachments.

If you have Microsoft Office 2007 or later installed on your computer, Pst Viewer Pro can convert Office file attachments into the PDF image.  If you prefer to keep your document email file attachments accessible in their native format, then you can tell Pst Viewer Pro to embed the files within the PDF. This allows the files to be extracted later and opened in their original application. For example, an Excel document can be extracted from the PDF and later edited in Microsoft Excel.

A single 2 GB pst file can easily contain 50,000 email messages. Pst Viewer Pro gives you the ability to search Outlook pst files based on many different criteria. For example you can search a selected date range, look for specific text in the title or body of the email, or just search email from or to specific people.  Pst Viewer Pro’s search functionality does not require indexing, so you can start searching for the email you need right away.

For managing the contents of email stored in old pst files, Pst viewer Pro is a very convenient application.  It also lets you view Outlook .ost, .msg, .eml and .mhtml files. Download a free 15 day trial of Pst Viewer Pro.